It was the first of its kind

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The Southern African weltwärts Network - SAwN was a formed as a significant new structure within the weltwärts programme at the weltwärts Partnership Conference – Southern Africa held in Port Elizabeth, South Africa in 2014. It was a defining moment for partner organisations in Southern Africa.

There was consensus that a Southern African structure of weltwärts partner organisations needed to be formed to give partner organisations direct links and communication with the weltwärts Steering Committee in Germany.

It was the first of its kind for weltwärts partner organisations across the globe. It was agreed that SAwN would also facilitate communication internally within the network of partner organisations and their governments.

The Network would also have a lobbying role and ensure that an information portal is developed to access relevant information regarding the weltwärts programmes.


Vision, Mission & Objectives

Determine the Vision, Mission and Objectives of SAwN

Communication & marketing

Establish Communication and marketing strategies to increase SAwN’s profile.

strategy Identification

Identify strategies for enhancing co-operation with SOs, POs and weltwärts Steering Committee.


Enhance partner organisation networks.


Determine the structure, governance and activities Facilitate direct links with weltwärts Steering Committee.


Establish fundraising strategies to sustain operations.


Elect the Southern African weltwärts Network Executive Committee.

The purpose of the organisation is to be the voice of the collective

Coming together is a Beginning; Keeping together is Progress; Working together is Success. - Henry Ford

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